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Poets Writing in the Anzalduan Borderlands
(Aunt Lute Books)
Edited with ire’ne lara silva, with and introduction
by United States Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera


“I can’t stress how amazing this book is… Quite simply, there’s much to learn and appreciate here and you’d be hard pressed to find a fresh anthology that offers so many voices of different backgrounds in one place.” Glass: A Journal of Poetry

Poetry Collections


Speaking Wiri Wiri
(Red Hen Press)
Winner of the Letras Latinas/Red Hen Poetry Prize
Introduction by Orlando Menes


“a prescient understanding of the copious interplay between language and culture, made more lush still by the mediation of his Romantic imagination.” Orlando Menes

“These poems evoke the various ways that language exiles us and embodies the indelible past — who we are, where we came from, how we know.” Valerie Martínez

“a careful look at the untraceable impacts of the words that surround us. Each of us—whether we mean to or not—looks back to find out where we are and why we are what we are. Dan Vera’s new collection operates as a kind of soulful blueprint for this search.” Tim Seibles

“this book, Speaking Wiri Wiri, has quickly become one of my favorite books of poems from a contemporary Latino poet. I think it’s fantastic.” Daniel ChacónWords On A Wire

“Full of longing and bittersweet humor, these poems are lyrical, narrative, poignant, and always powerful. In his own search for who and what he really is, Vera has given us a true portrait of the confused and often contradictory place that is modern America.” Linda Rodriguez

“Writing with authority, assurance and passion, Speaking Wiri Wiri earns Vera his rightful place alongside his poetry heroes, living and dead.” Dallas Voice



The Space Between
Our Danger And Delight
(Beothuk Books)


“The poetry of Dan Vera is clear, strong, honest and funny. He’s the sharp-eyed observer in the corner who doesn’t say much, but makes every word count. He handles the political and the personal with equal grace, even as the lines blur. Dan Vera is damn good company. You’ll see.” Martín Espada

“When reading Dan Vera, we are married to the 3 hearts of poetry: intelligence, style, and honor. This is the most satisfying book of poems we can read if we want to witness language with a real poet as its servant.” Grace Cavalieri


Selected Poetry Anthologies

Ghost Fishing: Eco-Justice Poetry  (University of Georgia Press)
Truth To Power: Writers Respond To The Rhetoric Of Hate And Fear 
The Traveler’s Vade Mecum
(Red Hen Press)
Dog Blessings [Reissue] (Andrews McMeel Publishing)
The Queer South: LGBTQ Writers on the American South (Sibling Rivalry Press)
Divining Divas: 100 Gay Men on their Muses (Lethe Press)
Gratitude Prayers (Andrews McMeel Publishing)
Full Moon On K Street: Poems About Washington, DC (Plan B Press)